If I was a type of eye, I would be a lazy.

"Like a thief in the night you stole my heart, and then gave yours to someone else.."

Thought I would share this with Sixpenceee

Ps. freaky shit happens to me a lot but here is the most recent. (I guess I should say used to)

A few months ago I was texting my friend Josh when suddenly our house phone was ringing. I jumped considering it was almost 4 in the morning an became upset assuming it was my friend Trev, as he usually is the only person that would dare call my house phone so late, no matter how many times I tell him not to after 1! I jumped up for the phone, waiting to give him one of my sarcastic remarks like usual..we like to tease other when I suddenly realize the number calling was my OWN. I stood staring at the phone an then back over to mine. Which was not calling what so ever, an still on Joshuas text messages. There was noway, no how I was calling. Not even accidental, in fact I checked my recent outgoing calls an nope..NOTHING. I let the number play out and go to the answering machine. “Please leave a message after the beep” the robot voice requested. To my surprise it didn’t hang up, I could hear low raspy breaths into the phone which sent chills down my spine. Then it was gone, an I sat in silence in the dark, and texted my friend Josh what had just happened. Not gonna lie, I was def scared and didn’t even want to move. I felt like I was being watched an didn’t like it one bit. The whole night I was uneasy and didn’t get to sleep until about 8am. A little longer then I intended to stay up. I always wonder who it was that called from my own number, if it was anyone at all. I guess I will never know, an thats what makes it so creepy.

Me: We’re going to hell..but only because we’re awesOOOmee

God, got jealous. *_*

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